Take the Next Step on Your Journey of Growth, Passion, and Purpose.

Take the Next Step on Your Journey of Growth, Passion, and Purpose.

I'm Dr. Mary Welsh!

I’m an author, speaker, grief session facilitator, and non-profit founder who uses my experiences to help people who are grieving or those supporting those that are experiencing such a loss adapt to their “new normal”. Although I’m surrounded by loving family and friends, including but not limited to my husband, six children, five grandchildren, my mother, in-laws, my world was shaken when we experienced the loss of my daughter, Susie McBride-Welsh, in 2017.

I knew there were other people experiencing loss, similar to my own, so I documented the first two years of my journey grieving my daughter – hoping one day I’d know how to use it. My goal is to support your grief journey no matter how loss has affected you – I know it’s trying, but eventually, we all have to find peace in our “new normal.”


Journey Into the Looking Glass

This book is a comprehensive roadmap to self-help, discovery, and reflection by Dr. Mary Welsh. The book walks you through the four aspects of positive reflection and coming to terms with your “new normal”: Remember, Reflect, Recreate, and Relate.

4 Aspects of Positive Reflection Journal

This journal is a companion book to the Journey into the Looking Glass: Finding Hope after the Loss of Loved Ones. It can be used to journal your progress as you come to terms with your ‘new normal’: Remember, Reflect, Recreate, and Relate.


“Dr. Mary took the tragic pain of losing her daughter and redeemed it into a powerful story of hope for other parents caught in the same experience. She offers a process of remembering, reflecting, recreating, and relating the memory and impact of loved ones. She shows how it's possible to find positivity, passion, and purpose in owning and celebrating a new normal.”
Kary Oberburnner
author of "Your Secret Name" and "Elixir Project"
“Dr. Mary takes you along on her journey, sharing what she learned since the death of her youngest child. Easy to read, inspirational, and the chapters are short enough to hold your interest when you can't seem to concentrate. This book gives advice on how to handle the rough days while helping the bereaved put purpose back into their lives. Every facet of the mourning process is covered with helpful advice and areas to reflect on your own emotions. Hard to put down. Big thumbs up!”
Diane DeClerck
Admin. of Bereaved Parents of USA, Macomb County Chapter
“Journey into the Looking Glass is a helpful guide full of essential information for those who find themselves facing the loss of a loved one. Dr. Mary Welsh takes the reader through all the decisions, emotions, and situations that the bereaved find themselves having to deal with. This thorough book will not only help you manage the challenges of loss, but help you make peace with it too.”
Lisa K. Boehm
author of Journey to HEALING: A Mother’s Guide to Navigating Child Loss

Children's Books

Susie Q’s Positive Reflections: My Special Angel

Dr. Mary answers all the questions her grandchildren asked following her daughter’s death. Aunt Susie narrates the book as the Special Angel sharing her message of hope and love.

Susie Q’s Positive Reflections:
Good Characteristics Coloring Book

Dr. Mary believes kids model good behavior. The coloring book provides scenarios where good characteristics are demonstrated.

you are not alone

After loss, many people feel like they are on their journey alone.
Let me help you determine which avenue works best for your journey of growth, passion, and purpose.

Community Membership

Join a community where you can partner with other people/parents in different stages of the grief process to provide help understanding and navigating the grief journey of losing a loved one or overcoming adversity. Learn how to embrace your ‘new normal’ through the power of positivity.

This monthly membership site provides audio teachings, video courses, articles and insights along with a private Facebook page to connect with other like-minded individuals who offer support, encouragement, compassion and a presence of accountability on your journey.

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Two women sitting at table with book


I will help you through the process of channeling your grief in a positive way. You are not alone, that feeling of being lost or wandering in a fog is normal. Let’s travel your journey together. In addition to the Positive Reflection Team of similar travelers, I will support, encourage, and provide positive guidance along your path of self-discovery to find a life of purpose within your ‘new normal’

Speaking Events

Does your community/group need help embracing adversity or the loss of loved ones with their journey to a new normal. I speak from the heart and experience regarding the power of positive reflection; I can tailor my message to address the loss of loved ones, divorce, organizational challenges, health issues, or any situation involving adversity. The message is simple; the path may be harder to travel alone. Let me aid your group on their journey of self-reflection and finding purpose within their ‘new normal.’


Susie Q's Kids

Susie Q’s Kids was formed following the death of our daughter Susie “Q” McBride-Welsh at the tender age of 31. She shed a light over all she knew and especially wanted to help children feel they were special and could do anything they put their mind to, a motto she lived by and emulated. “You Got This!”

Following her death, the family needed an avenue to celebrate her life, the impact she had, and a purpose to continue her great work. We understand the value of a comfort bag as Susie would spend months at a time in the hospital and coloring was a natural way to remain positive, engage others, and provide color to her room and life. 

The 501c3 nonprofit Susie Q’s Kids was formed. Dr. Mary hopes to bring an avenue for businesses to support non-profits dedicated to aiding children and young adults, brightening the lives of others and making a difference distributing the comfort bags, “One Bag at a Time.” Our bags of necessities, comfort and activity items are provided to other non-profits raising awareness for their programs and distributed to their program participants to “brighten and inspire their lives of children and young adults.” 

Imagine a child in the hospital coloring and smiling, a foster child finding some comfort in their bag, a family in shelter with the basic necessities and comfort items, and those grieving finding some hope and knowing that others care. Together we can make a difference. Learn more link. (link to Susie Q’s Kids)


Do you need a place to find inspiration, happiness, peace, passion, and a purpose in your life? My blog is an extension of my story, my book, and my speaking engagements as I utilize my pain, my research, and my experiences with others to offer a variety of topics to motivate and inspire those on their grief journey. 

This is a place I want you to find comfort, solace, information, and proven systems in times of adversity and grief for managing your changing world.

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Thumbs Up Revolution

How can you honor a loved one? A simple thumbs-up gesture can signify so many things; what is the significance of a thumbs up gesture to you?

We celebrate many occasions, some big and some small, by extending a thumbs up gesture signifying our loved one Susie is with us. Looking back at pictures taken, it acknowledges we missed her, thought of her, and that she was and is present in our lives.

Celebrate, talk of your loved ones and share a special smile as you think of them during all those occasions. Our kids say ‘Susie’ instead of ‘cheese’ when taking pictures, it’s another opportunity to talk about her and acknowledge she is missed. Share your pictures and let us know the significance of the occasion, the person, and their inspiration in your life.