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Dr. Mary is a dynamic speaker that speaks from the heart regarding the power of positive reflection. She can tailor her message to address the loss of loved ones, divorce, employment challenges, health issues, or any situation involving adversity. The message is simple; the path may be harder to travel alone. Let her aid your group on their journey of self-reflection and finding purpose in their ‘new normal.’

The Four Aspects of Positive Reflection

Learn to maximize your approach to loss and adverse situations. Dr. Mary navigates the four aspects of positive reflection: remember, reflect, recreate, and relate. Her approach provides a foundation for an appreciation of your past and a positive perspective for your new future, your ‘new normal.’

Grieving the Loss of Loved Ones

Embrace your ‘new normal’ following the loss of your loved ones. Your past and present are chapters of your life, learning to find purpose from the past to enable you to lead a new life full of memories that support your new aspirations to find new meaning in your life without your loved one. Dr. Mary can tailor her message for your group based on her own life experiences following the loss of her daughter.

Your loved ones will always be remembered, but how you reflect upon that relationship and incorporate it in recreating and finding a life where you relate their importance into your personal actions of self-discovery and care while helping others allows you to live life to its fullest with purpose inspired by your loved ones.

Power of Positivity

Personally: Take a look at the past remembering and reflect with positivity and gratitude for the good memories and find a purpose for your new future by recreating your ‘new you’ and letting it permeate all aspects of your future related to your own self-care, caring for others, and contributing to the better good of our community.

In the workplace: Engage your employees and team members in focusing on the positives of the organization, building a culture of respect, transparency, trust, inclusion, and engagement. Dr. Mary can tailor her speaking to meet the objectives of the organization to embrace the power of positivity in the organization’s culture.

Inspiration Project: Inspire yourself and others with your commitment to finding a purpose to encourage others to get involved in a community project and an endeavor that can make a difference in an individual, a family, a nonprofit, or another organization. Dr. Mary can lead your team, together we can explore options and create a campaign involving the team and your message of engagement and purpose for your cause.

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