Dr. Mary Welsh is happily married with six amazing children and five awesome grandchildren that fill her life with happiness as well as being surrounded by her cherished mother, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and a tribe of loving family and friends.

Dr. Mary co-founded the non-profit Susie Q’s Kids following the death of her daughter, Susie McBride-Welsh. Susie Q’s Kids brightens and inspires the lives of children and young adults and raises awareness for other non-profits, which distributes their comfort bags “One Bag at a Time.” She took her tragedy of her daughter’s death, her passion, and purpose, and created a stage for positive interactions with children, young adults, family, friends, and those grieving or facing adverse situations through her positive perspective, purpose, teachings, and interactions. Her hope is they find peace with their “new normal.”

As an Author, Speaker, and Grief Session Facilitator, she documented the first two years of her journey for people who have suffered the loss of a child or loved one or supporting those that are experiencing such a loss. Her goal is to support their grief journey with information and provide a program to guide them on their journey. She also created a children’s book discussing the grief process, answering tough questions her grandchildren asked as well as a positive good characteristics coloring book to instill good behaviors. 

She strongly believes in the Four Aspects of Positive Reflection: Remember, Reflect, Recreate, and Relate
RememberUnderstand your past, the good and the bad – the good and bad memories.
ReflectUnderstand your journey and the impact on your new you – what impact you had on your loved one and they had on you
RecreateGet in touch with your feelings moving forward – use the power of positive reflection to create your new normal
Relate – Make your commitment to your “new normal” give of yourself for a better life: practice self-care, supporting others and giving back in the community.

Her books include:

  • Journey into the Looking Glass: Finding Hope after the Loss of Loved Ones
  • Four Aspects of Positive Reflection Journal
  • Susie Q’s Kids Positive Reflections: My Special Angel
  • Susie Q’s Kids Positive Reflections: Good Characteristics Coloring Book

She also acts as a Peer Mentor with the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) for fallen military survivors providing guidance, support, and companionship to those in the grieving process. Dr. Mary sits on the advisory committee for the Bereaved Parents of USA Macomb Chapter, helping herself and others on their grief journey. She shares her message with grieving groups such as The Compassionate Friends and Bereaved Parents of USA.

As a Grief Session Facilitator, Entrepreneur, University Professor, Business Strategist, HR Talent Executive, and Chief People Person, she has a passion and purpose for helping others. Through her writing, mentoring, courses, and speaking engagements, she hopes to instill a framework for those facing adversity and grievers to find comfort in their new circumstances and a life of passion and purpose.


  • President Dr Mary Welsh LLC
  • Non-profit Executive Director/President/Cofounder Susie Q’s Kids
  • National Speaker: Compassionate Friends and Bereaved Parents of USA
  • TAPS Peer Mentor (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors [fallen military) 
  • Grief Session Facilitator and Coach
  • Executive Steering Committee Member – Bereaved Parents of USA Macomb Chapter 
  • Author: Journey into the Looking Glass: Finding Hope after the Loss of Loved Ones
  • Public Speaker addressing Overcoming Adversity and Embracing Your New Normal
  • Business Strategist, HR Consultant, Cause Activator
  • Executive HR Champion of the Year 2018, HRO Today
  • University Faculty Leader and Instructor (various universities)
  • Certified Member of Author Academy Elite (AAE) and Business Academy Elite (BAE) 
  • Former HR Consultant, Chief People Person