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Journey Into the Looking Glass

This book is a comprehensive roadmap to self-help, discovery, and reflection by Dr. Mary Welsh. The book walks you through the four aspects of positive reflection and coming to terms with your “new normal”: Remember, Reflect, Recreate, and Relate.

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4 Aspects of Positive Reflection Journal

This journal is a companion book to the Journey into the Looking Glass: Finding Hope after the Loss of Loved Ones. It can be used to journal your progress as you come to terms with your ‘new normal’: Remember, Reflect, Recreate, and Relate.

Children's Books

My Special Angel_3D

Susie Q’s Positive Reflections: My Special Angel

Dr. Mary answers all the questions her grandchildren asked following her daughter’s death. Aunt Susie narrates the book as the Special Angel sharing her message of hope and love.

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Susie Q’s Positive Reflections:
Good Characteristics Coloring Book

Dr. Mary believes kids model good behavior. The coloring book provides scenarios where good characteristics are demonstrated.